White Lines Driftwood Art


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These hand painted original “White Lines” Driftwood Art Series of walking staffs by American Street+Fine Artist LEIA SANDS can be used in your esoteric practices or as decorative art to beautify your home, office, or meditation place. Each piece of driftwood has been found by Leia along her travels and is approximately 4-5ft long naturally(she doesn’t cut or shape the driftwood, only sands it to get rid of rough edges. Street+Fine Artist @leia_sands who has paintings in Art Galleries, Art Collectors, & Celebrities homes hand paints every piece herself and each piece has its own certificate of authenticity. This is currently Leia Sands more affordable line of Artwork on Driftwood with only 50 staffs made for the “White Lines” series of driftwood… as her original paintings are currently going for $15,000-$40,000 each!!! 🎨