Grandmaster Caz - SOLD 2021


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Details: ” Grandmaster Caz “ is an original acrylic, genuine Swarovski crystal, mixed media 36x24 inch painting by International Fine Artist LEIA SANDS on framed canvas. I was invited by Grandmaster Caz and his lovely wife Cora to be an exhibiting Artist in their Annual Event every April 18th in Bronx, NY. Once I got the invite I decided to do this piece on honor of him, Cold Crush Brothers, the Bronx, and Hip Hop Culture. If you know anything about how Hip Hop music industry started and how the Bronx, NY was literally burning down in flames, you will begin to understand how important this painting is. Out of the Burning Bronx & Repression of its people Birthed the beginnings of the Hip Hop Culture. So I did this painting of the Bronx burning in the background , with the words hip hop in the 70’s style of graffiti letters, with Caz in the future looking back at his beginnings in the hip hop culture. In his Cazals sunglasses you’ll see the reference I made to him being an MC & DJ. 

Title: Grandmaster Caz

Artist: Leia Sands

Date: 2021

Size: 36x24 inches on canvas

Medium: Spray paint, Acrylic, genuine Swarovski Crystals, gloss

Exhibition: April 18,2022 Grandmaster Caz Day Event at the Andrew Freedman House Gallery, Bronx, NY. 

SOLD: to Grandmaster Caz and wife Cora at his show April 18, 2022. 

Also pictured is legendary film producer of the graffiti/ hip hop movie “WildStyle” Charlie Ahearn taking a picture of painting at the event. I’m so humbled.