Ever since I can remember I've enjoyed art. In fact, my dad instilled the love of art in me at a very young age. How did I get into Graffiti you ask? I began writing graffiti at the age of 13yrs old in my neighborhood, the South Bronx, NY. I was what they call in the graffiti world a 'Street Bomber. A " Street Bomber" is someone who usually writes graffiti on the streets, walls, bridges, rooftops etc.

 When I started attending Manhattan Vocational High School I began meeting other graffiti artists El Kay, Scam One, Joey TDS, Maine 167, and BEO OTB just to name a few. During this time period I began taking my graffiti writing escapades to a whole new level. It was BEO OTB, a kid from my neighborhood, who took me to  my first lay-up on the 6 train line in NYC. COSE TDS had finally arrived!

In the year 1983 I had officially become the king of the inside of the 6 line subway train line. Shortly after being crowned I ended up on the radar of 2 infamous Detectives from the NYC Vandal Squad named Hickey & Ski. That same year I was arrested by these 2 Detectives which resulted in me spending 15 days at Rikers Island. According to the Daily News I was branded " One of the most prolific graffiti artists in NYC". 

I stepped away from graffiti for many years BUT since 2018 I've made a comeback on all levels and have been creating a new style of art that I call Abstract Graffiti. My graffiti art went from the Streets to the Galleries. I do many shows yearly in NYC, have had a solo show, and my art is now sold world wide. 

In the year 2021 the Bronx Borough President and NY State Senator gave me an Award via Hip Hop BLVD for my Graffiti Artistry back in the days... The same city that put me in jail at the age of 16yrs for vandalism (Graffiti) has Now AWARDED Me for it.